3 Parts to Writing Your Ministry Mission Statement

If you are reading this, you most likely are holding a God-given vision for a ministry.

It is sacred and special to you. You are excited and driven to get to work for God!

Maybe it’s a vision God gave you a long time ago, or something given to you recently, but whatever it is, you want to get started. After prayer and meditation, the best place to start is to write your vision and mission statement.

Ideally, vision statements should be one sentence only. But that should not be a problem, because God has already given you the specifics on what the ministry is about.

Just make sure when you write the vision, it is clear Hab. 2:2 and captures the essence of the ministry.

The vision for VirtuousImpact.com is:

Transporting Women

This is the God-given vision implanted in my heart, that I hold dear every time I come to the computer to write.

Once you know your vision and written it down, you can then proceed to writing your mission statement which is a little more elaborate and time-consuming to write.

Here are 3 ingredients that can make up a powerful ministry mission statement:
1 — Ministry Purpose — What is the purpose of your ministry? What are the needs it seeks to satisfy, or the opportunities or services it seeks to provide?

The purpose of VirtuousImpact.com is to transform the lives of women of faith.

What is your dream ministry seeking to do?

Whatever it is, it is something that God has empowered you to do, and is compatible with who you are, what you’ve been through, and even, who you will become.
2 — Ministry Methods–Now that you’ve identified and stated your purpose, how will you go about carrying it out?

What are the means and ways you will go about doing it? The strategies? Is it through outreach methods? The Arts? Music, Drama, Dance? Online?

Is it a children’s ministry? Arts and crafts? Church planting? The possibilities are so diverse. Take note that this part of your ministry should excite you!

It should not be something you are dreading.

If this ministry is in season, God has already given you the passion, willingness, endurance, and resources to carry it out.
3 — Ministry Values — Lastly, your mission statement should disclose some Godly values.

You’ve listed the ministry purpose, and the means you will go about doing it, now you want to include some Godly values that set the framework as to why it is ministry.

Ministry is about serving the Lord in love, so you may want to include some scriptures, or values stated in scripture, that correspond specifically to your ministry.

You can state what you want to do for God, and/or include any other element that gives God Glory and represents his unconditional love.

Writing your mission statement can take some time because you want to make sure it encompasses everything your ministry is about, as well as communicate it effectively to others.

Once your mission statement is written, you will be further empowered and encouraged to take the next ordained step, whatever that may be.

May God bless your Ministry!

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